Zaccagni's Latest Injury Against Juventus Could End His Season Prematurely

April 04, 2024

Minutes into the game against Juventus, Mattia Zaccagni faced another setback as he had to exit the field due to an ankle injury following a clash with Gatti. The Lazio winger underwent tests that ruled out fractures but delivered no positive news for Tudor ahead of the derby match.

Lazio provided updates on Mattia Zaccagni's condition through official channels after he suffered a significant sprain during the Juventus match.

"Lazio's medical team confirms that Mattia Zaccagni underwent clinical and imaging tests at Paideia International Hospital. The tests showed no bone fractures in his left ankle after the significant sprain during the Juventus match. He has commenced targeted treatment and will undergo daily monitoring at Lazio Lab to assess recovery timelines."

In the afternoon, Zaccagni shared a story on social media with emoticons depicting pain and strength, indicating his determination. However, a brace on his left ankle was visible in the photo, and coach Tudor had already ruled out his participation in the upcoming Saturday match. Zaccagni's post reinforces the seriousness of his situation.

This injury adds to Zaccagni's challenges this season, having missed 20 games previously due to an ankle sprain in October 2023.

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