Lazio's Jacopo Sardo Win The Primavera Best Award As One Of The Top Midfielders Of The 2023/24 Season

This year, Sportitalia hosted the 4th edition of the Primavera Best Awards, celebrating the standout performers of the Primavera 1 championship season. Lazio Primavera's Jacopo Sardo was among the award recipients.

Lazio Primavera had a stellar season, starting as a newly promoted team and now gearing up for the playoffs. The success is attributed to Mister Sanderra, the staff, and the club for identifying talent and assembling a team of valuable players. Among these talents is Jacopo Sardo, who was recognized at the Primavera Best Awards as one of the top midfielders of the 2023/24 season, earning a spot in the championship's Top XI.

Sardo expressed his gratitude to Sportitalia, saying, "I am very happy. I want to thank the club and the staff who helped me win this award."

Reflecting on his journey, he shared, "As a child, I played both basketball and football, thanks to my parents who instilled a passion for sports in me. This year has been incredible. We started as newly promoted teams and finished the season in third place. The credit goes to everyone, and we gained great satisfaction. My favorite moment was the victory against Sassuolo, which secured three crucial points and kept us at the top."

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