Crucial Week Ahead: Lazio's New Stadium Plans Await Presentation To Municipality

There hasn't been official progress on the Flaminio Stadium yet, but time is ticking. According to reports from Corriere dello Sport, next week could be crucial for presenting the initial plan for Lazio's new stadium to the city administration, as per the latest rumors. Lotito has recently received positive feedback and consultations, indicating progress in his proposal's feasibility. These developments should help overcome the current deadlock and move forward with formal procedures.

Regarding the Municipality's stance and Onorato's comments, they are awaiting updates and remain committed to investing in sports. Councilor Onorato stated, "We are ready to support Lotito; we await the proposal." While there's no fixed deadline, alternative proposals may be considered if delays persist with Lazio's project, always with the community's interests in mind. Onorato added, "It makes sense for Lazio and Roma to each have their own stadium." 

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