4 Young Players From Primavera Will Be Evaluated In Auronzo

Wind of change among the Biancoceleste who, after five seasons led by Simone Inzaghi, will now have a new "commander", the one par excellence. Many names are continuously linked to the club. 

The coach is evaluating the profiles of some Primavera players. And that young talents would be Nicolò Armini, Raul Moro, Damiano Franco, and Marco Bertini.

Armini is probably the best known by Lazio fans, who have always hoped to see him on the pitch and, indeed, considered the low playing time allowed by Simone Inzaghi is quite unfair. Defender born in 2001, Nicolò can't find any space for his first season among the senior team.  

Raul Moro, a former Barcelona player, also always moving between Primavera and the first team. Left-winger born in 2002, the Spaniard showed his class and quality but, even with him, the former Biancoceleste coach was not particularly "generous" in terms of playing time.  

Damiano Franco was called up, although it was because of an emergency, by the coach in the Champions League against Bruges.  

Marco Bertini celebrated his Serie A debut in the last league match with Sassuolo.

All four should be added to the first team on the occasion of the pre-season retreat in Auronzo di Cadore. Mister Sarri will have the opportunity to work with them, see them closely, and understand if they can make their contribution to the Lazio.  

The change of coach could be decisive: as happened for many other young players in Serie A, with the confidence of the right coach they could have the right context to grow, improve and play their skills better.  

The Biancoceleste team needs to be rejuvenated. What better way than by focusing on their young players?

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