Di Marzio Update On Lazio

From the microphones of Sky Sport 24, Gianluca Di Marzio made a point of the situation on Lazio.  

"Lazio are dealing with all players who have certain characteristics. Then Lazio must take external players above all by having to try to do 4-3-3. 

"We will see if behind there will be the possibility of taking Hysaj, who is a player who Sarri knows very well and can play left and right. Lazio will certainly have to do a lot. 

"Torreira is a player who has always Sarri liked, who has the right characteristics for his way of seeing football. But Leiva, Escalante, Cataldi, or some exits will have to be made first for allowing Lazio to be able to take a player like Torreira or Brandt himself. 

"Correa's dilemma must also be solved: in Sarri's game system he has not had an ideal position so we would be looking for accommodation abroad where there are many teams that may be interested, like Arsenal or PSG. "

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