Torreira Approaches: The Details Of The Negotiation

Lucas Torreira is closer to Lazio. The Uruguayan, who returned to Arsenal after a year on loan at Atletico Madrid, likes the destination and has already said yes to the Biancoceleste club. 

Fresh from La Liga's Champion under the guidance of Simeone, the Uruguayan midfielder, with a Spanish passport, did not leave his mark in Madrid. Atletico has not exercised their right of redemption and the player has returned to the base in London. Torreira wants to play elsewhere and Lazio's solution can be the best for him.  

The former Sampdoria midfielder has a desire for redemption and the capital could be the right place to return to high levels. Both sides are trying to close the deal as soon as possible: the Gunners to get rid of a surplus, Lazio to reinforce its midfield with a piece of absolute value.  

The formula should be that of a loan with an obligation of 15 million. The salary proposed to Torreira is just under 3 million euros, reachable through bonuses, slightly lower than what he received with the Gunners of 3.5 million euros. Sarri is looking forward to welcoming his new element in the midfielder.

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