Adekanye's Future Will Be Decided By Sarri In Retreat

Everyone is ready to play a chance to convince the new coach, Sarri, and earn his confirmation.  Footballers looking for a new life in Biancoceleste, also thanks to a game tactic more compatible with their characteristics.  

Among these is Bobby Adekanye who after a year on loan first to Cadiz and then to Ado Den Haag is ready to return to the club.  Adekanye is an attacking winger, a pure winger, a 4-3-3 player, with Sarri he could find new life, he hopes to convince him to retreat.  

If there is no news in the next few days, the '99 class will leave for Auronzo and try to compete for his chances of confirmation.  Those in Veneto will be three decisive weeks to understand the future of the Dutchman who sways between the possibility of remaining in the squad as an alternative to the winger attacking owners or assignment.

His contract is due to expire in 2022, if he were to leave, he would be thinking about a sale outright, unless the boy renews and is then let go on loan.  

Adekanye experienced a complicated first part of the 2020-2021 season: he did not settle in Cadiz, an injury at the beginning of the adventure slowed him down, causing him to lose ground in the manager's hierarchies.  

Then, from January, a new adventure in the Eredivisie, with ADO he found greater continuity, putting together 14 appearances and two goals.  

In the Netherlands he has some admirers, several clubs have already monitoring and wait to understand the intentions of Lazio which is waiting for indications from Sarri on Adekanye.

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