Fares: "We Are Working Well. Sarri Is Serious, Hysaj Fits In Well."

Lazio's work in the Auronzo di Cadore training camp is progressing well under the guidance of Maurizio Sarri.  Momo Fares also wanted to talk about the work done these days, speaking to the microphones of Lazio Style Radio.  Here are his statements:

"We are working well.  These days it is very tough, but we are getting used to the Coach and his staff well."

"You get back in shape and resume playing with your teammates: in addition, you get to know the new coach and familiarize yourself with the new staff.  We want to work for a great season."

"Sarri? The Coach is very serious and is making us work a lot with the defense and in the movements for the new system.  We have to get used to these new schemes and the Coach will help us work well with the 4-man defense: we are ready."

"Hysaj? Hysaj is great and makes us die laughing.  He has entered well and will do great things here at Lazio."

"The Primavera boys are here because they are strong.  Raul Moro often came with us and we know him, but the others are strong too."

"I'm getting along well with the new way of playing: we have to learn the new form immediately and we have to make ourselves available to the Coach."

"Last season? Last year it was difficult for me: I didn't do any preparation and then I had Covid and some injuries.  This year I want to show what I can do and I hope it goes well."

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