Marco Parolo: The Hard Working Hero Who Made History

July 02, 2021

A hard-working class hero, he is able to use the right words at the right time, to dose silences and advice, support and reproaches. Marco Parolo leaves Lazio, at least as a player, for the rest we will see. 

He leaves that shirt after seven years, 263 appearances, and 39 goals. He had arrived in 2014, to give a new breath to a team back from a difficult year, he immediately imposed himself, soon becoming one of the most important and most loved players. 

Parolo started from the bottom, his climb started from the bottom, from C with Como, up to Serie A, in the Champions League, to raise three trophies and to the national team. Parolo was a dressing room man, one to always lean on, a centuries-old oak that does not bend even when the wind whips with all its strength. Shadow captain, glue, diplomat, able to keep the ranks of the group, to mediate and always offer a solution, a protector figure in Formello. But Parolo was also, if not above all, a strong and valuable midfielder. 

The numbers of his career say it, his ability to improve over time, to always give all of himself to the cause he had devoted himself to. Midfielder capable of covering more than 1 area with the highest quality. You could find him everywhere, in every area of ​​the pitch, ready to help his teammate and then jump in or kick from a distance. 

Marco Parolo says goodbye, or maybe goodbye, we will find out in the next few days. However, his era as a Lazio player ends. Yes, an era because Parolo has marked the time, has traced a furrow, has left its mark in the history of the oldest club in the city of Rome.

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