Maurizio Sarri Angry As Lazio Only Draw Vs Padova

Maurizio Sarri was unhappy with the Lazio squad's performance after only being able to draw 1-1 against Serie C side Padova in a friendly match which took place on Tuesday (27/07) local time and was the last time at Auronzo di Cadore before returning to Rome.

The opposing team, Padova, took the lead in the match against Lazio through Della Latta's shot which ripped Pepe Reina's goal in the first half.

Then the Biancoceleste equalized through the penalty spot after Elseid Hysaj was brought down in the penalty area and Luis Alberto managed to carry out his duties as executor well.

However, the Spaniard is very upset and angry at a player who has fouled him in midfield and if this is an official game then he will certainly be shown a red card.

Maurizio Sarri is equally unhappy on the touchline concerning Raul Moro's performance.

"I told you from the start to keep playing on the wings, the more I tell you, the more you play in the middle," said the coach as quoted by Football-Italy.

In addition, Sarri also expressed his frustration because the team played in a mess, couldn't maintain their position, and moved the ball very slowly.  Gonzalo Escalante spoke about the coach's request after the match.

"The coach asked us to move the ball at 2,000 km/h, to be compact, we are still trying to get used to it."

Not much happened in the second half due to the heavy rain that flooded the pitch at Auronzo di Cadore.  While another sentence was heard from the sidelines, the coach protested.

“We always fall behind and lose the ball, always!  We just walk in midfield, we can't be like this, we just stand there and watch them."

Yesterday was the last day of pre-season at Auronzo before heading back to Rome and preparing to tour this summer.

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