[Official] Real Valladolid Exercised Their Purchase Option To Permanently Transfer Raúl Moro

Raúl Moro is back in the white and purple jersey after a loan spell at Real Valladolid last season. Recently, Real Valladolid exercised their purchase option for Moro, paying 2.5 million euros to Lazio. The 2002-born striker will continue his journey in La Liga with a contract lasting until 2028.

The atmosphere in Valladolid is filled with anticipation and relief with the return of the talented winger, who quickly won over fans with his skill and style of play. Now, it will be up to coach Pezzolano to fully harness Moro's potential to ensure the investment pays off.

The club's official website announced:

"Raúl Moro Prescoli (Abrera, Barcelona; 12-05-2002) will continue to wear our colors. The winger has signed with Real Valladolid until June 30, 2028."

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