Signori: "I'm Looking Forward To Become A Head Coach"

August 20, 2021

The former Lazio striker, Giuseppe Signori, is ready to return to the world of football as a head coach. The former Lazio top scorer, recently interviewed in Radiosei's broadcasts to talk about his return to the world of football and what was his period in the capital. After ten years spent getting justice, due to the then lapsed accusations of football betting, Beppegol can finally return to the sector that most belong to him.

He comments about the legal battle that took him about 10 years: "I would not have liked to remain in the dullness of a prescription, so I decided to go all the way. I knew I was innocent and I fought to prove it. The outcome will surprise someone, but certainly not me. It has been a tough ten years but the important thing is that the truth has come out."

Then he comments about his future: "I got my UEFA pro A license. I would intend to become a head coach, but having been away from the world of football for ten years is a problem. However, if there is the possibility of embracing a project, Serie A, B, or C, I would like to give my contribution. If they give me the chance, I will gladly accept it."

He shares his experience when he was still in Lazio: "When I arrived at Lazio they asked me if I would be able to replace Ruben Sosa, I replied that I would try to do even better and that was the case. Then they explained to me what the derby means. I think one of the worst performances on my part has come. right in the first derby. I felt too much pressure. I remember many things about the Capital with pleasure, even if I got lost to find the Tor di Quinto field. Nevertheless, I came from a different society, and settling in required commitment. Rome has changed my way of seeing things. In the locker room, then, some champions helped me to grow. The transition from Foggia to Lazio required work. In biancoceleste, we laid the foundations for the future successes of the Cragnotti era."

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