Ballotta: "Sarri Brought A Different Football And His Work Is Undoubted, But There Are Some Problems Still Unresolved."

November 13, 2021

After tonight's match between Italy and Switzerland, then next week it will be Serie A time again. Lazio, in particular, will host Juventus at the Olimpico next week and for the occasion the double ex, Marco Ballotta talked about this match to microphones.

"Sarri brought a different football and his work is undoubted, but there are some problems still unresolved, which a positive result is not enough to assimilate.  The team has had many ups and downs in performance and results;  we haven't gotten to the point where he has the team in hand yet.  When things don't go, think about the results, to allow the players to work more peacefully."

"Relation between Sarri and Juventus? They didn't break up very well, but we're talking about professionals, it's not a big problem: you know that you run into these problems when you do this job."

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