Muriqi May Not Leave A Good Memories In Lazio But Was It Right To Always Insult Him?

November 23, 2021

This was Vedat Muriqi's response to a fan who vented towards him on social media after the defeat against Juventus.

"Thanks for your support brother, your pirate is already mentally dead."

The arrival of Muriqi in Lazio, despite the spending sprees, proved to be a total flop, a flop capable of bringing only 2 goals in around 50 games.

As reported by vocelaziale in their Instagram account, Having established the fact that muriqi only provides 2 goals, they move on to the key point of their thought that they have had for some time: where is Muriqi's fault?

If there is one thing that Kosovar cannot blame is his determination and desire, he always tries, but the level is much higher than his. The limits shown on the pitch by the number 94 are due to technical and tactical qualities that he lacks, but not from a wrong attitude, on the contrary.

So where is the reason why Muriqi has to put up with insults and disgusting wishes for injuries? 

Nobody. The fault, if you need to let off steam, belongs to those who spent about 20 million euros to bring it to the capital, proving to have flopped. Muriqi has no faults, he did not choose the figure, he always made himself available and never reacted to insults and chants that came from the Auronzo stands. In that period, many praised Maurizio Sarri for intervening in defense of him, and that's right. 

But what happened to the message sent by the coach? Put behind as it was worth nothing. Muriqi will not leave a great memory in Rome, far from it, but he has no direct responsibility for this. 

Some stories go in an extraordinary way and stories that turn out to be great disappointments: for the sake of Lazio and Muriqi, it is right to separate, so that both can move forward in the best way. 

As you can see, you can express a useful and constructive thought, even without resorting to insults and with respect for the player who, don't forget, wears the Lazio shirt.

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