Romulo: "I Hope To Return As Manager Of The Lazio Primavera In The Future."

December 31, 2021

Lazio always leaves a special memory. Any player who has worn the Biancoceleste shirt can look back to his past in the capital with joy. Among these, there is also Romulo, a former player of the Aquile who wore this shirt in 2019. The midfielder sent messages of love for Lazio on Twitter, also talking about his future.

Romulo Caldeira in just six months at Lazio in 2019 has entered the hearts of the fans. His short adventure with the eagle on his chest left strings of mutual affection that, especially on social media, constantly re-emerge. 

The midfielder, now at the Cruzeiro, recently, in an exchange of Christmas greetings with a fan, the Brazilian first responded with a "Forza Lazio, ALWAYS" and then wrote that he would one day return to Formello to coach the Primavera.

"I hope to return as manager of the Primavera in the future, it would be nice". A message that is full of love from the Italian-Brazilian, who hopes to be able to return to the capital as soon as possible to fight again, in another guise, for the Biancoceleste colors.

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