Romagnoli Still Hasn't Decided Which Club To Play For Next Season

The most specific name at Lazio in recent weeks has been Alessio Romagnoli, who has yet to decide his path three months before his contract with Milan ended.

As reported in today's Radiosei News Review, the Rossoneri defender is torn apart: Tare and Lotito have started talking to Raiola's colleagues since the beginning of February, but at this point, they still have not yet matched the 3 million fixed base offer made by the Rossoneri to Romagnoli.  That number can only be achieved at Lazio with hard-to-get bonuses.

Just to study and better define the economy, a meeting between Lazio and the defender's agent is scheduled for the next few days, and if you want to bring Romagnoli to his favorite team, you have to move quickly.

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