Stam: "The Time In Lazio And Milan Was Great, Playing With Nesta Was Fantastic, We Don't Even Have To Talk To Each Other, We Already Know What We Have To Do In Lazio And Milan."

March 16, 2022

Historic former Lazio defender, Jaap Stam has spoken to Sky Sports about his experiences with the Biancoceleste and Milan.

"The time in Lazio and Milan was great, I loved working there, I loved the Italian culture. I learned a lot, I became a better player and a better person. It's good to learn from Italian culture and doing so will better on training in Italy," said the former defender.

He also commented on his experience: "When I came to Lazio from Manchester United, I met Nesta, Lazio are a great team, have financial problems, but it was a good time, as a player, I've improved. The experience is improving, playing with Nesta was fantastic even though I was already a level player, he motivates me. We don't even have to talk to each other, we already know what we have to do in Lazio and Milan. "

"With Pietro Parente?  I took him by the neck, but you have to see what he did first.  Everyone was impressed, the referee looked at me wondering what was happening, then we went off the pitch calmly.  That's how I am, if someone kicks you, I respond.  This has led me to teams like Milan and Lazio."

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