Lotito: "Go And Investigate How Much Other Teams Are Putting Them. The Same Price For Inter And Juventus, So I Don't Understand What The Problem Is."

Claudio Lotito, who was intercepted by reporters in central Rome after today's Federal Council meeting, has finally commented on the "Acerbi case". 

After Tonali's goal, the defender was caught smiling at the end of the match. The already complicated relationship with fans continued to sour, so much so that Acerbi himself made his position clear on Instagram. Now, the Biancoceleste president wanted to emphasize that the matter has been clarified. 

"The Acerbi thing? I seem to have realized that under stress you get hysterics of a nervous nature", he explained.

He also addressed another topic about the fan's protest in the Lazio-Milan match,

"The protest of the fans in Lazio-Milan? You have to ask Curva Nord if the game went well and if they don't come to the stadium, who are they fighting? If they sing and play they will use something like a €40 game as an excuse."

"Forgive me, go and investigate how much other teams are putting them while we are alone in four games left in the championship. The same price for Inter and Juventus, so I don't understand what the problem is. Mine was not a joke but an observation of fact."

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