Lotito: "We Are One Of The Cheapest Teams For Tickets For The Rest Of The Season, I Feel Like All This Fanfare Is Coming From Fans Who Just Come To Piss Me Off."

April 23, 2022

Lazio president, Claudio Lotito has commented on manager Maurizio Sarri's future and the price of tickets for his side's match against Milan, which fans consider expensive.

Claudio Lotito insists Maurizio Sarri remains at Lazio and has listened to criticism from Ultras fans that their favorite team's ticket is overpriced.

Some Lazio fans were upset to learn that ticket prices for their favorite team's game went up for Sunday night's big game against Milan (04/24) local time, but the president didn't seem to care about the protests.

"This applies to our four big games of the season, we are one of the cheapest teams for tickets for the rest of the season," he told the Il Messaggero newspaper.

"I spent €300,000 per game for the match supervisors, police, firefighters, and staff, the earnings that ended up in our bank accounts went straight to the tax office, and Lazio got nothing."

"I feel like all this fanfare is coming from fans who don't come to the stadium, or from fans who just come to piss me off."

Lotito had already announced at the end of October that he had reached an agreement to extend Maurizio Sarri's contract, but his new contract has yet to be announced.

"Give me time, because I always say Maurizio will stay," the president said.

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