Sporting Gijon Wants To Keep Jony Rodriguez Permanently

Sporting Gijon wants to keep Jony Rodriguez. The player, who returned to Spain on loan in January, has not been at his best with just six appearances in the Iberian second division.  

However, the player is an icon and the club wants to keep him at all costs. According to El Comercio, the club wants the player to break free from Lazio's shackles and stay in Spain. The player's contract with Lazio expires in 2023, and an early departure is not a far-fetched assumption.

Sporting is willing to put a 4-year contract on the table, allowing him to share and recoup the cost of the signing (Jony currently earns 1.2 million a season at Lazio, which for the parameters of the Spanish Serie B club is a very high number). He was a fan favorite, even the president praised him, and Abelardo Fernandez was back on the bench.

As noted by the portal, Abelardo's arrival has boosted Jony's motivation as he was the coach who made Jony's debut in Spanish football and reached his full potential. 

With two games remaining before the end of the season, Gijon wants Jonny to stay for the next one. First, an agreement needs to be reached with Lazio, who is eager to let the player go. The formula has not yet been determined.

The possibility of him being released was already being talked about last summer, and who knows 12 months before his contract expires, the discussion might happen again.

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