[Friendly] Genoa - Lazio = 4 - 1

Genoa vs Lazio friendly match, Wednesday 27 July 2022 play at Sportanlagen Brandstatt Stadium, Germany. Lazio's positive record in pre-season was immediately smashed by Genoa, now a Serie B side. Genoa won 4-1 thanks to a superb Coda who scored a hat-trick and Gudmundsson scored from the penalty spot. On Lazio's side, the goal came from the usual Ciro Immobile.

Genoa must be content to compete in Serie B. Of course, they will have to work to build a solid squad under head coach Alexander Blessin to return to Serie A. Those friendlies were a promising sign for Genoa and a worrying sign for Maurizio Sarri, as was Lazio's 4-1 victory over the German training camp in their first defeat of the summer's pre-season.

Lazio are on their feet, their defense needs to memorize the movement and play deep. Names like Luis Alberto, Lazzari, and the new Romagnoli should also be checked. There is still time before starting next Saturday's friendly with the Qatar national team.

Lazio (4-3-3): Maximiano 5 (58' Adamonis 6.5); Lazzari 5.5 (45' Marusic 5.5), Casale 5 (45' Gila 5), Romagnoli 5 (45' Kamenovic 4.5), Hysaj 5.5 (45' Radu 5.5); Milinkovic 6.5 (45' Kiyine 5.5, 72' Bertini 6), Cataldi 5.5 (45' Marcos Antonio 5.5), Basic 5 (45' Luis Alberto 5.5); Felipe Anderson 5.5 (45' Luka Romero 5.5), Immobile 6.5 (45' Cancellieri 5.5), Zaccagni 5 (58' Moro 5.5).

Bench: Furlanetto, Patric, Pedro.

Coach: Sarri 5

Goalscorer: 5′, 17′ & 51′ Coda (G), 52′ Gudmundsson Pen (G),  14′ Immobile (L)


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