Romagnoli Has Just Turned Down A 4 Million Fulham Contract, A Sign That He Is Waiting For Lazio?

Last day as AC Milan captain. From tomorrow, Alessio Romagnoli, born in 1995, will be released. Lazio has made numerous contacts with him over the past few weeks to finalize a move to his favorite team. Would he have turned down Fulham and perhaps wait for the Biancoceleste's offers to arrive?

Alessio Romagnoli has turned down a Fulham contract, according to The figures? 4 million per season, more than he asks of Lazio. The boy's desire and will is to stay in Italy, maybe in Lazio, which has always been his favorite team. The defender had an important message for Formello: the Premier League is the reputation of many, for its pinnacle and opportunity, is not for Alessio. Now he can wait a few more days, hoping to speed up negotiations with Lazio.

For the arrival of the player, there was talk of problems related to the squad and the player's requests. Lazio will be willing and happy to accept Romagnoli only after Acerbi is confirmed to leave. In terms of negotiations, however, there is still some distance between the player's demands and Lazio's offer. However, this distance does not appear to be insurmountable, again taking into account the willingness of both parties to reach an agreement.

The slowdown in talks could be the signing of Gila, a young defender in the role of Romagnoli. Of course, you cannot exclude each other because of differences in age and experience. Sarri would love to embrace the defender he has been calling for, just as the ex-Milan is delighted to finally be at Formello.

How long does it take for Romagnoli to get to Rome on the Lazio side? It's hard to make real predictions. A final effort is needed and the ball is now in the hands of the Biancoceleste.

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