Brondby Is Considering To Buy Durmisi From Lazio

Another year of contract and history between Lazio and Riza Durmisi can be described as the end. The left-back, who arrived in the capital in 2018, has a contract until June 30, 2023, but his departure is also expected.

According to reports in Denmark, Brondby, the team he played with and a fan of since childhood, is considering a buyback. The Danish club had tried it 2 years ago but things didn't go as planned and the deal was canceled.

Today in the management of the yellow and blue, they wanted to bring him home, but not all. In fact, over the next few hours, the club will have to decide which side to listen to: the one favorable to Durmisi's return, or the one that prefers other profiles. It is certain that if the full-back wants to return to Brondby, he will be forced to take a reduced salary from €1.2 million and negotiate a possible contract termination with Biancoceleste.

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