Cremonese Makes Deal For Escalante After Lazio's Negotiations With Valladolid Failed

The Argentine midfielder appears to be very close to Valladolid, but there are problems between the player and the Spanish club.

This seems to be done with Valladolid, then a twist. Gonzalo Escalante embraces Cremonese and takes a loan with redemption rights of 4m-5m euros. Those numbers will be clarified in the next few hours.

The deal with Valladolid - an outright deal worth 1.5 million euros and 500,000 euros in bonuses - is nearing completion, but the agreement between Escalante and the club managed by Ronaldo has not materialized. The Iberian club couldn't guarantee the player's salary as he did with the biancoceleste (€1.4m) and therefore demanded that Lazio pay a significant portion (about 30%) of the former Alaves salary. The proposal was rejected and the case closed.

Cremonese entered the opening and struck a deal with Lazio to offer a loan but guarantee higher repayments than Valladolid.  The agreement was found then also with the player.  Furthermore, Lazio, by selling the player in Italy, maintains the benefits provided for by the Growth Decree.  This explains the arrival of Escalante in Cremona, a surprise operation: born and closed within 24 hours.

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