Parolo: "This Is Lazio's Sarri, In My Opinion. Enough Comparisons With Napoli. Immobile? He's Grown So Mature, Thank God He's In The National Team."

Former Lazio midfielder and current DAZN columnist, Marco Parolo talks about the moment between Sarri's side and Immobile. In an interview with Radiosei, Marco Parolo said about Lazio:

"This is Lazio's Sarri, in my opinion. Enough comparisons with Napoli. With Vecino coming in, Sarri has a player with great balance that allows him to have a player like Luis Alberto on the bench. The young Cancellieri and Marcos Antonio have to grow up. Provedel and Romagnoli are intelligent and experienced players and ended up in a starting lineup that has already improved since Sarri's first year. I think of Marusic and Lazzari, as well as Patric, who has improved a lot. Cataldi himself has grown a lot defensively."

"Immobile? He's grown so mature that he doesn't care about what's around him. I noticed this in our interview with him. Ciro has numbers behind him, people can talk, but in the end, only numbers count. I see him very calm. Still an issue with the national team, no thank God he's in the national team."

"I quit at the right time and took away the satisfaction of playing and scoring in the Champions League. Ultimately, I'm happy to have found a path at Lazio to reach the top by reaching my level of football. Once I stopped, The Lazio fans were crucial to making me realize it was the right choice. I have so much peace. I wanted to be in the photo with the trophy, since I stepped on Formello and saw the bulletin board, my goal was to win. After a Finals win, I always try to get close to the captain to get in for a group photo. You end up in the explosion in Formello, you are in history. A return? No way, I wouldn't be professional because the bond between me and my former teammates is too strong."

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