Thomas Helveg: "Midtjylland Changed Coaches, Now They Want To Catch Up, Despite Their Poor Start To The Season. The Stadium Will Be Full And There Won't Be A Warm Atmosphere Like The Olimpico Stadium."

Former Milan defender, Thomas Helveg warned Lazio against Denmark representative FC Midtjylland in the second game of the UEL group stage on Thursday night (15/09).

Lazio came out on top in last week's Europa League opener, beating Eredivisie side Feyenoord 4-2. Maurizio Sarri's side will look to continue the momentum with another perfect three-pointer in Denmark on Thursday, but Midtjylland will not be beaten easily as they look to finish 1-0 The score lost to Graz Storm.

Former Milan defender Thomas Helveg gave the Biancoceleste an early warning before the game as he spoke about some of the qualities of the Danish Superliga.

"The Danish league has had an unusual start to the season as big teams like Copenhagen and Midtjylland are struggling, the season is long and things could change," Helveg told LazioNews24.

"Midtjylland changed coaches, now they are coached by Capellas, he plays an attacking game and he wants defenders to attack, not just defend and be consistent. Before he came, the team also defended well and occasionally attacks with counter-attacks."

"In the Europa League, they were disappointed by the game against Sturm Graz and now they want to catch up, despite their poor start to the season."

"Technically, this team is good, but they have moments when they are not at their best. Last season, they scored a lot of goals in stoppage time, which is a sign that they never give up."

He then revealed what Biancoceleste can expect when visiting the MCH Arena in Herning.

"They're going to arrive in Denmark and play in a stadium that's not the biggest, I don't remember it being able to hold 10,000 or 15,000 fans.

"However, the stadium will be full and there won't be a warm atmosphere like the Olimpico Stadium." 

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