Zola: "I Learned A Lot From Maurizio's Team During That Time. What Did He Write On The Bench? I Wish I Could Tell You That I Knew What He Wrote."

One year as assistant coach to Maurizio Sarri at Chelsea. Gianfranco Zola has had a magical year in the Premier League, taking the Europa League to the sky and working with the Lazio manager. At the time, the former footballer spoke into a radio microphone:

"It's been a very good year, very difficult and demanding. Not only has it been a privilege to work with a manager like Sarri, but to be able to do it at Chelsea as well, it's fantastic."

"We won the Europa League, we did well, it was a very positive year. I have very good memories and I learned a lot from Maurizio's team during that time. Then He decided to go back to Italy (to Juventus) with his historical team and the collaborators who have always been with him."

"What did he write on the bench? I wish I could tell you that I knew what he wrote. I tried to read it once, but I didn't quite understand it. He wrote it too small to be legible."

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