Basic Is Slowly Disappearing From Lazio's Hierarchy

October 09, 2022

Toma Basic's path to becoming Lazio's regular player is facing uphill challenges. On the retreat, he seemed to have started, as one of the best players in pre-season, overwhelming in goals and physical, almost always the regular formation Sarri tries in friendlies, but then here is the real football and the Croatian has slowly disappeared from the radar. 

Started at the first against Bologna, and played just 8 minutes (replaced after Maximiano's expulsion),  and then another starter, against Verona, also stopped at the end of the first half. Since the first minute of the season, he played only 2 times, a total of 157 minutes, and an average of 14.2 minutes per game. Really few.

Basic has gone backward in Sarri's hierarchies, with the arrival of Vecino and the growth of Luis Alberto reducing the available space for the former Bordeaux and most importantly overturning what seemed to be the preconditions for the pre-season.  

Basic struggle to find space and continuity, his game didn't fascinate, and he was one of the few players on the team who didn't show marked improvement from the moment he arrived. Sarri said of the boy in last season's final: "We expect faster growth. I'm sure he will represent Lazio's future." Then maybe it will take longer because the big signal has yet to come.

From now to the World Cup stop, Basic has 40 days to try to compete in this Lazio, taking advantage of the many commitments that will mark this period. It's no secret that Sarri is still thinking about Ivan Ilic, whom he had insistently asked for him in the summer, but Luis Alberto's departure was necessary to unravel the Serbian midfielder's arrival. 

Now the scenario has changed: Luis Alberto is a starter and  If Luis Alberto leaves Rome, he would only depart Spain. Currently, no one will pay Lotito's 20 million asking price for his transfer. Instead, watch out for Basic; he may become available for transfer and create room for Ilic. Lazio values ​​the Croatian 7-8 million euros and may have an interest from Germany, England, and France. At the moment, this theory is just speculation. But if Lotito wants to please Sarri by bringing Ilic to Lazio, Basic can become a sacrificial figure to make it happen. So in the meantime, the future of Basic lies in jeopardy as he will encounter 40 days left to convince his value.

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