Basic: "My Future Lies With Lazio. I Can Help Them In Every Way, Defensively And Offensively. I Know The Tough Times Will End."

Toma Basic accompanied Maurizio Sarri at the press conference. This is what the Croatian midfielder said on the eve of Lazio's game against Sturm Graz.

"Europa League? It's an opportunity for those who don't play a lot. Let's see if I play tomorrow, but I'm ready to take it."

"The season started well and then things changed very quickly. That's how football is, everything suddenly changes. I hope I can prove myself in this Lazio: I'll wait, I know the tough times will end."

"Tomorrow against an aggressive and good team like Sturm Graz, it will be a tough game. We know what we have to do, we are ready. We want to win."

"The first leg in Austria? The pitch is small. Tomorrow we will play on our pitch, we are strong at the Olimpico stadium."

"I've had difficult moments in Bordeaux and Hajduk Split, but I know my future lies with Lazio."

"Do I have to shoot more? Not only Sarri, all my teammates ask me. It's also a personality aspect that I need to work on."

"What can I do for the team compared to Vecino and Luis Alberto? I can help them in every way, defensively and offensively. As the coach said, I just lack a little personality. I have to work hard."

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