Ledesma: "A Good Derby, Lazio Can Be In The Top Four. However, We Have To Remember That They Don't Have Big Squads Like Inter Or Juventus."

November 08, 2022

Cristian Ledesma speaks to TMW radio about the derby Lazio won yesterday: words from the former Biancoceleste player.

"A good derby, I was happy even if some of the terms bothered me. Lazio played a serious game and didn't steal anything. Lazio came into the derby with a large number of players and key players were unavailable. It was an important step forward for further growth."

"Felipe Anderson? I don't think he's the choppy player he used to be, he's a more mature guy. Sarri has grown him a lot and he's matured a lot, especially when he's playing in Europe. Now he's a more complete player. Since he's back at Lazio, he's showing continuity and a lot of quality."

"In my opinion, Lazio can be in the top four. The Champions League is a goal. However, we have to remember that they don't have big squads like Inter or Juventus."

"Cataldi? Danilo grew up in a role that wasn't his. You can see him growing a lot and I'm happy for him because he's a good kid."

"Pedro? It's very important to be a player who can help the team and the young players grow. And a player who can give a lot, his experience and quality are the foundation of the team."

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