Lichtsteiner: "The Derby Is Critical And Highly Emotional. Winning This Derby Gives Players Confidence For The Upcoming Season."

November 06, 2022

It was the eve of the derby, the most anticipated game of the season, and the atmosphere in the capital was getting hotter. Lazio and Roma will feature in appointments aimed at stimulating the game to maintain respect for fans and goals.

Before this important challenge begins, players will be accompanied by specific days and times, and these emotions and feelings are difficult to explain, but the experience is very intense. Stephan Lichtsteiner, who has experienced the eagle on his chest in a derby, knows it. When reflecting on his time as a defender, the former professional remembered this specific moment in the interview with Eurosport.

"The Derby is critical and highly emotional. Getting a win in one increases one's confidence significantly. Finding the right balance is necessary to handle the pressure that builds up. The fans care a lot, but in the end, they only provide three points like any other match."

"The Capital derby leaves little room for doubt. Many people already discuss it for weeks before the games. Winning this derby gives players confidence for the upcoming season."

The former biancoceleste then added:

"Apart from the last game, Lazio is having an excellent season.  It's fantastic for the club and the fans, for the team, because Lazio is one of the biggest clubs in Italy. It would be fantastic if they were able to qualify for the Champions League again."

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