Maximiano Will Get A Chance To Prove His Worth Against Bologna Who Have Forced Him Into A Supporting Role

November 24, 2022

Luis Maximiano has not given up and is ready to return to the game. For his part, after a difficult start to the season and rather mixed effects in Serie A, there are rumors that he may say goodbye in January.

When Maximiano arrived from Granada in the summer, he was signed as a starter, with Provedel supposed to be his backup. After a horrific debut, after 6 minutes of playing time when he was sent off for holding the ball with his hands outside the box, Lazio's hierarchy was reversed. Sarri has always preferred Provedel, and Provedel repaid the trust of the coach with excellent saves and high-level performance. The Portuguese goalkeeper has been forgotten, but now he wants to start over and, as reported by the press review of Radiosei, Lazio is ready to give him this opportunity.

Lazio does not want to send him out on loan in January and his chance could come against Bologna again, this time in the Coppa Italia. Destiny has it that the opponent is precise that Bologna forced him into a supporting role. On 19 January, Luis will show the world that he is not the first goalkeeper to appear for only just six minutes in Serie A.

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