Muriqi: "Ciro Is Always On The Pitch Because He Always Scores Goals. It's Hard To Be His Deputy Every Game. The Problem Was I Went In Without Leaving A Mark, And It Was All My Fault."

November 22, 2022

Vedat Muriqi is reborn in Mallorca. He currently has eight goals in 12 appearances and is second in La Liga's Pichichi award behind Barcelona's Robert Lewandowski. The radio market in Spain talks about the Pirate as a possible market player, much to the delight of Lazio, who also holds 45% of the future sale. 

As reported by Radiosei News Commentary, the Kosovo striker spoke about the present and his support in the capital. In the Balearic Islands, Muriqi has regained the trust of those around him, although he revealed that going to another country will not be easy.

A very negative year and a half at Lazio, but the pirate made no excuses:

"The problem was I went in without leaving a mark, I didn't score and it was all my fault. When you're a player playing for a big club, you have to prove yourself mentally."

In the first year alone, Muriqi faced too much adversity: he arrived injured, caught Covid, was not physically ready, and went into difficulty despite the opportunities granted by Inzaghi. The following season, after the defeat at Bologna, Sarri stopped giving the striker a chance and he made it very clear in interviews, telling him that he was not suitable for sarri's game characteristics.

The only regret is related to Atalanta's two goals between the Coppa Italia and the league in January 2021. Vedat thinks he will start the next game after those two games and confesses that he has received a good shock with yet another bench. At that moment the sensations were positive and the Pirate believed he could give his best, even if this shouldn't seem like an alibi.

Muriqi was faced with a phenomenon like Ciro Immobile, the man of records, on which the Kosovar was very clear: 

"Ciro is always on the pitch because he always scores goals. It's hard to be his deputy every game. I've never seen a player like him. Powerful, maybe only Lewandowski is like him."

At the end of the interview, Kosovar reiterates that the blame for his lack of success in the Biancoceleste belonged to him and no one else. The extreme humility for a striker who is looking for redemption in La Liga.

Although Lazio did not go as hoped, Muriqi would like to thank the Biancoceleste fans for their support from beginning to end. The Pirates claim to be keeping an eye on his former club, which he calls himself a fan, again speaking to some of his team-mates who hope to return to the Champions League at the end of the league.

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