Reja: "Lazio Should Leave The Conference League Aside To Reach The Top Four In Serie A."

November 12, 2022

Edy Reja, now at the helm for Albania but a former Lazio coach, has returned to talk about his experience at Biancoceleste. Especially Miroslav Klose, who in his eyes is unparalleled not only in terms of shooting skills but especially from a professional point of view.

"He put the ball in his bag at the end of practice and was concerned to see the boys in Primavera walk away without picking it up. On his first day at Formello, he told the warehouse workers not to clean his shoes, because he wants to do it by himself." 

"He studied his opponents. He asked to see the defenders who would mark him. He kept improving his shoot," Radiosei news commentary reported.

The former Biancoceleste coach then announced when he would be stepping down, in fact, he had already informed the team. Klose's intervention changed everything: he looked at him and told him to put on his shoes and go to the pitch. After that, Reja resumed training.

He then commented on President Lotito and the newfound wisdom of Sarri's arrival:

"He loves Maurizio. They're a good pair. From a tactical point of view, like in his first year at Napoli, Sarri has had his ups and downs, but there is a logical thread, but now the players know him, and the team plays well. He won tactically and deserved the derby."

"Champions? I hope so, but it's tough. Lazio should leave the Conference league aside to reach the top four in Serie A".

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