Romero: "I Haven't Done Anything In Football Yet. I Don't Talk To Mr. Sarri Much, But On The Pitch He Always Gives Me A Lot Of Advice."

November 18, 2022

In an interview with Lazio Style Radio, Luka Romero gave a great interview on his 18th birthday:

"We trained this morning and after training in the afternoon I have a break and I'm going back to my family in Mallorca. Happy birthday to my twin brother Tobias! I was in the room with Pedro before the game but I couldn't sleep, maybe I do feel electricity nearby."

"When I scored I thought about my family, seeing the stadium like this was a great emotion.  My father played until a few years ago, he stopped when I arrived in Italy.  There was a language barrier when I first arrived, but the team welcomed me and it felt as good as in Spain. A lot of times I come home after training and I still go for a run because I'm still hungry, this aspect has been transmitted to me from my father."

"I didn't think about playing in Turin but I was ready and when the coach told me I was going to start I was excited and I was a little scared but that's normal. We are doing well but the championship is still a long way off and we have to continue like this. I don't talk to Mr. Sarri much, but on the pitch he always gives me a lot of advice, there is always a smile in the dressing room and it is important in a locker room."

"I wish Argentina the best in the World Cup, there is a good group in the Under-20s too. Role model? When I was young, my father showed me pictures of Veron and I felt the love of the Lazio fans."

"I haven't done anything in football yet, slowly I am playing and it is important but I've stayed calm and I'll do my best in the time Mr. Sarri allows me. On days off, I'll still Keep training. We have to win them all so when we come back we will continue to give our best."

"It's very exciting to meet Messi, I've met him and faced him before, but I'm ashamed to have a photo with him, it's special to see him as a teammate."

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