Onazi: "The Lazio Fans Are The Best Fans Of My Career. I Speak Not Only On The Pitch But Also Off The Pitch On Social Media. A Lot Of People Always Stop Me, They Help Me With Everything."

November 18, 2022

Onazi spoke into the microphone of Lazio Style Radio, which also focused on the impressive Coppa Italia victory over Roma on May 26.

"I remember the Coppa Italia on May 26, it was a big moment for the fans and us players. When the fans write to me, they always tell me about it, but they also remind me of the match against Napoli in which I scored.  I'll never forget those moments. "

"For me, it's always like coming home. I see the others who are training, but I'll talk to them a little later.  I've been to teams all over the world but coming back to Italy is something I've always wanted. I'm very comfortable here, I'm in Caserta now and I want to win the title. I'll see where I go."

"The Lazio fans are the best fans of my career. I speak not only on the pitch but also off the pitch on social media. A lot of people always stop me, they help me with everything."

"It takes a lot of professionalism, courage, and consistent work. The youngsters always have to learn from the big guys. When I was on the first team, I observed teammates like Miroslav Klose and Radu.  Radu if he weren't so professional today he wouldn't be here.  Klose is a complete player.  Training, proper nutrition, and listening to the coach, are my tips.  When I was here in Formello I also trained alone to improve myself."

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