Signori: "Immobile? I Hope He Breaks The 250 Goal Record In Serie A. I Hope To See Him And Celebrate With Him."

Beppe Signori, guest of honor at the evening organized by the Lazio Club Milano, spoke into the microphone of Lazio Style Channel.

"It was a pleasure to meet my former teammates at this evening organized by the Lazio Club Milano, we will remember our many anecdotes. The fans have always shown me their love and never left me. I am always grateful to those who have supported me at all times, good and bad, especially those who took to the streets at the time to not let me leave Lazio, I think that is more important than any championship."

"Lazio fans? They've shown me a love for a while and took to the streets to stop me from leaving. Even in these last ten years, which have been very difficult for me, they have never let me lack their affection. I am always grateful to all the people who supported me when I played football, believed in me and celebrated my goals. This show is worth more to me than ten titles and it will go down in history. That was a lot for someone like me at the time. Many people also visited me in Bologna. The number of thanks and affection you receive when you stop playing is not just a joy, if they still remember you after you stop playing, it means you did something important."

"Immobile? There will always be criticism, he lets the numbers speak for themselves every Sunday. He's doing well and I hope he breaks the 250 goal record in Serie AI hope he breaks the 250 goal record in Serie A because on this average he can reach the goals. He has joined me with 188 top-flight goals and I hope he surpasses me soon because it would be a good sign for Lazio too. I hope to see him and celebrate with him."

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