Romagnoli's Reborn Under Sarri At Lazio

November 29, 2022

This was a troubled Romagnoli seen at Milan in recent years. A physically and mentally exhausted defender, struggling to get back on his feet. Hampered by injuries, Pioli's consideration for him appears to be waning as he is now bottom of the list of defenders despite captaining the Rossoneri. Then there is Lazio. In the summer, Romagnoli returned to the capital, to his homeland: this time to the club he had loved since childhood. The Biancoceleste proved to be the cure for his Rossoneri disease, and it was Romagnoli, who hadn't been seen for a while, in the first half of the season.

He was reborn and the numbers confirm it too. Thirteen games as a regular proved his fitness was back and guaranteed continuity for Sarri. From the moment he arrived, the coach sent him to work, and within a few weeks, Romagnoli had become the leader of the new defense. His accomplishments and his stats speak for themselves: he found himself, and he started again. As the Radiosei media usually report, the recovery was confirmed: 18 interceptions, and 51 defensive clearances, unmatched in Lazio; while only Marusic completed more passes (614 than 651), which also confirmed that he is one of the playmakers of the team.

Romagnoli made a strong choice in the summer, rejecting a more significant offer to play for Lazio. Today, his dream has come true. With the eagle on his chest, he had already netted the first goal, and he was cheering in the Curva nord, as he did in his dream. Lazio was his antidote to the difficulties that plagued him and would bring him back to the Azzurri, the national team of his dreams.

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