All Ongoing Contract Renewals On Hold Until January

Renewals are currently frozen, at least for the time being. After Lazzari's announcement, Romero, Cataldi, Zaccagni, and Pedro are still waiting.

For Romero at the beginning of November, he was one step away from signing, he is not considered at risk. Cataldi was scheduled to meet with the board on December 5th. Zaccagni had the first contact.  However, every discussion is at risk of being delayed until January or immediately following the transfer market.

This is why the case associated with the payroll tax debts that Lotito is involved in is significant. Additionally, sports director Tare will depart on Monday, he will be present at the mini-retreat that will conclude on 17 December. Contacts with the player's agent will continue, but the definition of individual cases is not imminent.

Romero is due in June. The discussion began in October, but a few details were still lacking in November. We'll discuss him again in early January when Lazio will have the opportunity to submit a new contract.

Cataldi's contract expires in 2024, but he has already expressed, on multiple occasions, his desire to remain after becoming a key component of Sarri's system. He receives over a million dollars in bonuses, he will receive a compensation adjustment.

Zaccagni's contract will still be in effect by 2025, despite this, he will still receive an award because of his performance.

Pedro's contract is set to expire in June, he can be released by that month.  The existence of a clause in favor of the club, unveiled for the first time in the summer and relaunched in October, has become a mystery. The Spaniard has postponed all negotiations to February, and Lotito is attempting to secure the affirmative. With the new year, he will return to the assault.

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