Romagnoli: "I Want To Succeed With Lazio. It's Enjoyable To Be Present, But I Want To Win With My Favorite Team, For Me, It's The Most Important Thing."

For Alessio Romagnoli, Tuesday will be significant: the encounter with the past, in opposition to the team that he led as captain at the top of Italy.

Lazio-Milan will not be an easy challenge for Alessio Romagnoli, who has spent 7 years with the Rossoneri and has experienced memorable adventures that, in some way, have helped him to grow bigger, stronger, and more of a man when returning home.

Interviewed by his former teammate Riccardo Montolivo in the Formello Sports Center, for the microphone of Dazn, Romagnoli discussed his experiences with Milan and Lazio.

"It's common for a person to enjoy playing for their favorite team and being at home. However, the greatest decision is to find a serious project, a strong team, and a competent coach, because I want to succeed with Lazio. It's enjoyable to be present, but I want to win with my favorite team, for me, it's the most important thing."

"My faith in Lazio was passed on to me by my father and my grandmother. My father has always been a fan of Lazio, my grandmother was also a part of it, and as a child, I spent a lot of time with my grandmother, I watched the games with them, the team won, Lazio was very strong and it was very easy to become attached to them."

"I've always intended to return. I didn't want to do it too late, but at an age where I still felt good, I could give my best. Other good offers were available, but there was always a desire to return, to wear this shirt. Even those who supported me at home said to me 'come back, come back', they've done a lot."

"The intent has always been there, however, in any case, Lazio has a good project, they are a very competitive and powerful team, and they have a coach who is very prepared and effective, so I decided that this was the time to return."

"Sarri? I admired him from his time in Napoli, I was intrigued by his method of work, particularly with the defensive line, the specific details he focused on."

"An Italian soccer player must aim to win the Scudetto. Winning the trophy with a club like Milan, as captain, is unprecedented. It was enjoyable, following years of disappointments, numerous criticisms, and dark trends. Winning was crazy."

"Criticisms? I have no concerns. They can be frustrating, or more or less of that. They had no idea of the extent to which I was sick during my appearances, I suffered from groin pain from November forward. Additionally, I was having trouble practicing. However, I maintain my focus on the task at hand on the field."

"We discussed the contract with Milan, they also made an offer to me. After that, our paths diverged, they preferred to make different choices, and I chose mine. It may have been better to be more clear, which would have prevented the negotiation from ending. However, I can recall wonderful memories of Milan, I spent 7 wonderful years there."

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