Immobile: "We At Lazio Have A Long History. Nowadays, It's Easy To Switch Teams In Football, Our Advantage Is That We Are A Family."

February 22, 2023

Italy's striker Ciro Immobile has described his devotion to Lazio and explained the importance of being a legend in the capital's Italian club.  Since he arrived in 2016, he has evolved into a significant figure on the team, becoming a leader both on and off the field.

Despite his frustration over his hamstring injury, Ciro Immobile remains integral to the team's success this season. He discussed several aspects of his association with the club, the first time he spoke about his feelings about being part of the team's history.

"This sport inspires emotions, memories, and experiences.  We at Lazio have a long history, many of our players have accomplished incredible things, and now we pay tribute to them," the striker said via La Lazio Siamo Noi.

"When I retire, I hope it won't be too long before they remember me, despite some rumors, I've never received any real fan criticism here."

He discussed the current season of Biancoceleste.

"We have been clear-headed in the past few weeks, we told ourselves not to give up after losing to Atalanta, but instead to stay calm in Salerno's victory, the competition in the table is fierce," said the striker.

At the conclusion, Immobile explains his devotion to The Aquile.

"The bond to this shirt is a strength that serves as the basis for an important and strong foundation.  Nowadays, it's easy to switch teams in football, our advantage is that we are a family," he explained.

"The players who are accustomed to this place don't seem to want to depart, if someone does so it's because he believes the cycle is over, don't take it personally.  With a new head coach, the old cycle ends and new inspiration is present."

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