Sarri: "Immobile Is Getting Better Physically. So Now We Must Maximize His Benefit Without Putting Him At Risk."

Maurizio Sarri believes that the season is now open to Ciro Immobile after he scored three goals in two appearances. The Lazio coach dedicated the victory to his captain, he praised him after his team beat Salernitana 2-0.

Ciro Immobile's first-half goal was scored by latching on to Adam Marusic's pass at the Stadio Arechi and doubled Lazio's advantage over Salernitana by converting a penalty.

"We initiated the game's control and as I said to the players during halftime, we must continue, because significant progress must be made immediately," Sarri said via DAZN.

The victory was significant for Lazio, who has not held a winning position against weaker opposition since the start of the season. Meanwhile, Salernitana is excited by the arrival of a new coach, Paulo Sousa, who was appointed to the position of coach this week to replace Davide Nicola.

"If we grant an exemption to Napoli, all other teams lose points against smaller teams, we came here on the worst day because they were motivated by the arrival of a new coach with an international profile. We realized that we had to perform well and fortunately, that's what we did."

Immobile hasn't scored in over a month, and now he's scored three goals in two matches, both in the European Conference and the Serie A.

"Ciro had two goals and he also scored last Thursday, that's what being a striker is: they live for goals, they are overzealous if they haven't scored in a few weeks and excited when they do," the coach said.

"The feeling in training in the last few days is that Immobile is getting better physically. Last Thursday's game increased his confidence, so now we must maximize his benefit without putting him at risk because he must become consistent in his training and then become strong until the end of the season."

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