Giordano: "When Sarri Chooses Fullbacks, He Primarily Considers The Opposing Team's Flank Strategies. If I Were Palladino And Lazio Fielded Lazzari, I Would Instruct To Attack Aggressively On That Side."

Bruno Giordano, a former Lazio player, spoke to Radiosei on the subject of full-backs. From Lazzari to Pellegrini, then to Hysaj.  This is his comment: 

"Together with Pellegrini's growth, the perception is that Lazzari is losing his regular spot.  The concept that I have is that when Sarri chooses fullbacks, he primarily considers the opposing team's flank strategies."

"On the Monza left side, there is Carlos Augusto, a winger who pushes a lot, and who would be better controlled by someone like Hysaj."

"Everything is logical, the crucial aspect is having the option of choosing, even on the bench, to read the match or to place others during the match. Pellegrini can make up for the loss caused to him directly by his opponent, meanwhile, Lazzari has more difficulty in establishing contact."

"Ciurria, who plays on the right for Monza but has very offensive qualities, should be stopped. We'll see what Sarri chooses for the next one, but the important thing is that he has a choice. If I were Palladino and Lazio fielded Lazzari, I would instruct Carlos Augusto and Caprari to attack aggressively on that side."

"That being said, Lazio must push even harder after the derby, taking advantage of the fact that there are no more cups that do not allow you to easily recover players."

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