Sommella: "The Only Thing Ciro Has Always Done Is Goals. No One Else Performed As Well As He Did, I Often Tell Him That They'll Remember Him When He's No Longer Around."

Marco Sommella, also Ciro Immobile's agent, spoke at the Palermo Football Conference, which was held at Villa Lampedusa and attended by important figures from the world of Italian football. The agent focused on the Lazio striker and his low national esteem, despite his numerous goals:

"Immobile in the National team?  The only thing Ciro has always done is goals.  This boy has been mistreated, he has sometimes been attacked, but Corvino (Lecce technical area manager) can tell us that we don't have other Italian forward who like Vlahovic."

"Unfortunately, Ciro is also blamed by them for this, because he was the captain in Palermo last year. With Macedonia, it was a football tragedy, also because it followed the other tragedy against Sweden at the San Siro."

"He won the European Championship, he received a golden shoe, and he was four times the champion for most goals. No one else performed as well as he did, I often tell him that they'll remember him when he's no longer around. If Ciro stops, this will adversely affect everyone."

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