Bad News! Immobile And His Daughters Injured In A Traffic Accident

April 16, 2023

Ciro Immobile was involved in a traffic accident after his car was struck by a tram. He was reported to have been injured, but not in a serious way.

As documented by multiple Italian media outlets, the incident occurred on Sunday (April 16th) in the early morning hours near the intersection of Piazza delle Cinque Giornate and Ponte Matteoti near the Stadio Olimpico in Rome.  Immobile was in his SUV when the number 19 tram struck the front of his vehicle.

"The tram ran a red light. Fortunately, I'm not injured, but my arm is a little sore." Immobile spoke to AGTW, quoted by the Mirror.  His car is heavily damaged due to the accident.

At least seven people were taken to hospital because this accident also involved several other cars. Lazio announced that the player had suffered a spinal injury that resulted in a broken rib on the right side, but that he was in stable condition and that his condition was being monitored.

Immobile is not the only one in his vehicle.  Two daughters, Giorgia and Michela, were also there.  However, both were reported to have been only slightly hurt.

Immobile is a frequent striker for Lazio and the Italian National Team.  He just scored one goal against Spezia in Serie A on Friday (14/4), propelling his club to a 3-0 victory.  It was his first goal since February of this year.

The 33-year-old striker is also the active Serie A player with the most goals right now.  Since his debut in 2009, he has scored 192 goals.  Overall, he ranks eighth among all-time Italian League scorers.

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