Giuffredi: "Neither The Player Nor I Will Ever Question The Technical Decisions Of The Coach. I Do Not Doubt That If Mattia Continues To Do So Well, Mancini Will Certainly Bring Him Back To The National Team."

Although the break for the national teams is over and the championship has also restarted, the controversies surrounding Mancini's decision not to call up Mattia Zaccagni have not subsided. Today, the blue coach still recalls the subject, stating that there is a reason for the decision not to call. Regarding this, here is the agent of the Zaccagni, Mario Giuffredi, who was reportedly told by the microphones of

"First of all,  neither the player nor I will ever question the technical decisions of the coach. Mancini made Zaccagni's debut, he should be recognized for this. The boy, on his part, can only continue to do well on his collective and individual paths. I do not doubt that if Mattia continues to do so well, Mancini will certainly bring him back to the national team. The coach's goal is to benefit our selection."

"I have been following him since October 2022, and I apologize if there were previously unclear behavioral reasons behind the non-call. Mattia is an intellectually honest boy who would clear up any misunderstanding that the coach may have intended. Having said that, we must now tone down on Zaccagni's non-call-up. I do not doubt that if he continues like this, Mancini will call him up again."

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