[Official] Lazio Will Continue Their Pre-Season Training Camp At Auronzo Di Cadore Until 2025

The Lazio-Auronzo di Cadore collaboration is destined to continue. Recently, it seemed that 2023 would be the final year for the village of the Tre Cime di Lavaredo, however, in the morning, it was officially announced that the contract would be extended until 2025:

"The Municipality of Auronzo di Cadore and the company Media Sport Event Group announced that they had signed a two-year contract that would allow them to host the training camp of SS Lazio for the next 2024 and 2025 seasons."

"The agreement was made possible by the collaboration between the mayor Dario Vecelio and his entire administration, along with the Media Sport Event Group, led by Mr. Gianni Lachè. The company Media Sport Event Group, in order to sign the contract, agreed to pay part of the expenses related to the training camp."

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