Parolo: "Lazio Has Chosen The League As Their Primary Goal. Unfortunately, This Team Could Have Achieved Great Things In Europe. With The Victory, Sarri's Team Would Have The Champions League In Their Pocket."

Speaking to the microphones of the Gazzetta dello Sport, Marco Parolo discussed the match between his former team and his former coach. Parolo has a good knowledge of Lazio, similar to Inzaghi, his coach during the majority of his time in the Biancoceleste.

"Sarri's team has only one objective: to put them in the Champions League Next Season. They're searching for a resolution to the loss to Torino, they must maintain their lead."

"On the other hand, a loss for Lazio would have the potential to undermine the certainty of the team, which would have a fear of losing the goal. With the victory, Sarri's team would have the Champions League in their pocket."

"Lazio has chosen the league as their primary goal. Unfortunately, this team could have achieved great things in Europe. After immediately exiting the cup competitions, Lazio is required to reach the top four. Otherwise, it would be a failure."

"For Inter, it would instead be the first step. This week, they were already able to recover between Wednesday and Sunday, this was also because if they lost, they would still be close to at least one of Roma or Milan."

"Inter can have a magical season, but they still must produce results. Otherwise, economically, it becomes a concern."

"Inzaghi? He is proficient at preparing matches. The difficulty is maintaining the pressure during every game. In the league, which the players consider routine, it's difficult to elevate adrenaline consistently. Conversely, even in Coppa Italia, matches that take place inside or outside of the stadium are more intense if the game is well-prepared. If he were to increase his ability in this regard, he would rank among the best coaches in the country."

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