Rocchi: "You Can See The Influence Of Sarri. It Took Time Because He Is Thorough And Focused. The Ranking Position Is A Confirmation Of This."

April 14, 2023

Tommaso Rocchi has been an integral pillar in the recent history of Lazio. The former player gave a lengthy interview to New Sound Level in which he discussed openly.

"The goal in the derby?  After I leaped towards the goalkeeper, the first thing that occurred to me was to run underneath the Curva, I saw a tsunami approaching me. It was my first derby, scoring under the North and winning was memorable. Someone approached me and I pushed him away because I had to run under the Curva. Occasionally, I watch the video and feel sorry for him, but I had to go there. Di Canio communicated to us the importance of this game during the week.  We won it with passion and determination."

"I spent six years at Lazio as a coach, until last year, and I got all the licenses, now let's see what happens. I anticipated the transition to the Primavera, as my career evolved, but it didn't occur. Let's just say we didn't leave very well."

"You can see the influence of Sarri. It took time because he is thorough and focused, as a result, we had to patiently observe his development. This year, we can see the improvement in his way of seeing football. The ranking position is a confirmation of this, even if it is a particular championship due to the World Cup. Sarri was good at figuring out where to work during the break."

"From whom would I take what I needed from Sarri?  I'm intrigued by his research into the defensive line's job.  He has particular thoughts and pursues them.  Unlike many coaches, he can transmit his concepts to the team, even to the future, by insisting. To this, he can alter his attributes, but he maintains his identity as he does so."

"The probability of finishing second has increased as a result of successes and continuity, but this championship is still considered to be difficult, as all of the games must be played. A lower level team can cause more problems than a larger team."

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