Sarri: "The Referee's Decisions Have An Effect. However, We Must Evaluate Ourselves. There Are Still 8 Games To Go, You Can Turn The Table Around In Eight Days."

Maurizio Sarri was upset by the referee's decisions during the match between Torino and Lazio, as the game ended 1-0 in favor of the visiting team. Sarri was claiming that his team should have been awarded a penalty for Elseid Hysaj's foul, while also blaming the bad weather affect his team's performance.

Lazio was beaten by Ivan Ilic's strike in the 43rd minute which proved too strong for Ivan Provedel to keep out even though he managed to touch it.  Ivan Juric's team showed their resilience and disciplined play in the second half which successfully frustrated the hosts.

However, Sarri maintains that his team should have received a penalty in the match and that the bad refereeing has negatively affected the team.

"The referee's decisions have an effect", the coach said following his post-game press conference via DAZN.

"The penalty on Hysaj was so clear, Torino's goal came from a throw-in a few meters from inside the pitch, this affected the game, I wonder how 7 referees failed to see this."

"The players are performing well, they are in danger of being reduced to 9 or 10 players by these referees."

"However, we must evaluate ourselves, this week is dedicated to working hard and pushing into the last of the season's games, otherwise, we lacked enthusiasm."

Additionally, the coach also mentioned that there may have been other factors that influenced their performance.

"The change in temperature over the past few days has negatively affected us," he said.

"There are still 8 games to go, you can turn the table around in eight days, I've spoken to the players this week, it wasn't simple before, but it's not impossible now.  We don't have to calculate too much."

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